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Website Maintenance

Website Design and Development Want your website updated at regular intervals, just lap up website maintenance service and sort out your problem. You should look for a maintenance plan that best suits your website along with your pocket. Our company offers website maintenance packages that too on affordable charge. You will just need to sign an annual contract with our company and in return you will get your website updated all through the year.

Website maintenance services provided by us includes keeping your website up to date with reference to various information changes in your company news, latest developments, investor relations or new project deals. Website maintenance is though quite vast and includes all aspects of website designing and website development, like cross browser compatibility which is one of the most important topic in this. Various elements that we take care in our website maintenance packages are :

What Do We Maintain?

  • Web Applications
  • Non-Profit Websites
  • Business Social Profiles
  • Personal Blogs
  • Ecommerce Sites

Our website maintenance services

  • Adding new web pages
  • Enhancements
  • Adding new content
  • Bug fixing and technical support
  • Adding new images
  • Changing images
  • Search engine optimization
  • Checking and updating link
  • Correcting broken scripts
  • Maintenance regarding security issues